-learning activities; instructional materials and resources; instructional groups; lesson and unit structure


For Methods of Teaching Secondary Modern Langauge, we had to and collect materials throughout the semester for teaching Spanish and create a resource bank. For this project I had to find materials in Spanish that are fun and interesting to get the students motivated and involved in the classroom. Some of the variety of teaching materials included song lyrics, information gap activities, newspaper articles, flash cards, visuals, maps, brochures, menus, puppets, games, magazines, maps etc. I collected a lot of these materials and I have included my resource bank list of materials as an artifact. I have included a list of all these materials I discovered.

In my Social Studies Methods course we spent a significant amount of time discussing lesson planning, unit planning, and various methods to keep students engaged for success in assessments.  To demonstrate my abilities to do this I have included a lesson plan and a unit plan that I created.  My lesson and unit frequently uses instructional groups to allow students to learn from each other.  In addition, at the end of the unit plan there is a list of different teaching methods used throughout the unit to be sure that there is more than one type of instructional method being used.  This make sure that all types of learners are being addressed.


The assignments that I have completed throughout my time at MNSU have deeply added to my knowledge of planing and preparation as a teacher.  I have learned how to address different learning styles using different teaching methods.  This opens up many doors in my classroom as I am able to reach a diversity of students and learners.  I also am able to make my classroom fun and enjoyable through various learning activities.  By using activites in my classroom I will be abe to keep students engaged while also learning the content.  I have learned that coherent instruction is one of the keys to a productive and successful classroom.  I will strive to give very clear and concise directions and instruction in my classroom.  Using procision and power in my classroom will allow for better student performance and understandings.